Penny Bears are 16" tall and are dressed in royal blue sweaters with a matching headband. Each bear's sweater has a colorful sewn-on rainbow heart as a symbol of hope, and the name Penny Bear embroidered on the bottom of its right foot.

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Penny Bear's Gift of Love

Penny Bear's Gift of Love book, written by Penny Wigglesworth, sells for $10

A Book to Help Grieving Children

We have self-published Penny Bear's Gift of Love as a resource to help children understand the many emotions experienced during the grieving process.

Penny Wigglesworth began writing this heartwarming story several years ago as a way to help a young girl named Alison whose father died. As a Hospice volunteer, Penny saw how difficult it was for Alison to work through all those "firsts" following her father's death.

That early manuscript found its way into supportive hands, and we are delighted to know that Penny Bear's Gift of Love is now bringing comfort and hope wherever it is needed.

The young child in the story, Johnathan Clarke, is very sad because his mother has just died. A magical little bear comes into his life to help him work through the first year without his mom. The story of their special friendship is told in month-by-month chapters by the little bear, known as "Penny Bear". While written for children, the book offers readers of all ages the reassurance of knowing that the love and memories we have shared with special people in our lives remain with us forever.

Perhaps you are aware of a child who is struggling with the loss of a family member or friend. Possibly you or others you know are searching for a gentle way to show you understand the mixed-up emotions grief creates. If so, we offer the following encouragement from our book:

"Our wish in writing Penny Bear's Gift of Love is that whoever walks the path of grief will be touched and reassured by the messages of hope we've tried to offer. When the way is lonely, please know that there are others who have walked there, too, who will turn and light the way with understanding and kindness. And there you will find a hand waiting to hold yours…"

Among the personal responses we have received about the book were the following two messages:

"…Linda - and then I - sat down at different times this afternoon and read your beautiful book. What an absolute treasure. The story brought back so many personal feelings of loss and separation. Our parents have both died and although some time has passed, the healing process is never ending. Your book marks yet another step in our own private understanding and acceptance of each of their deaths.
I cried from page three to the last page. Linda said she cried a lot, too - but most of the tears had 'sparkles'. You have written a sincere, moving, and totally touching book that is suitable for people of all ages…".

Suzanne and Linda Thomas
Marblehead, MA

"…Just a note to thank you for the copies of your new book. I read it the day you gave them to me! The story and format is just perfect for a child in elementary school who is placed in that very difficult situation of losing a parent. You really touched on all of the emotional issues the child faces - and you showed how this change could be used to create a 'new' life. Just perfect!
I gave the books to our school counselor... Let's hope we don't need to use them too soon. I do think, though, that it would make a wonderful, comforting gift (along with a Penny Bear) for any of our students who do lose a parent…"

Thank you again,
Joy Purdin
Marblehead, MA

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