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Penny Bear


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Each bear is dressed in a royal blue sweater with a rainbow heart
and a matching blue headband.


Penny Bear's Gift of Love
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This is a soft-cover book written by Penny Wigglesworth and illustrated by
Michiko Eager about a child who finds comfort and hope during his journey
through grief.

While created for children, the story offers readers of all ages the reassurance of knowing that the love and memories we have shared with special people will remain with us forever.


As an all-volunteer, non-profit organization, we rely on the sales of our Penny Bears and our books, as well as the donations we gratefully receive. These funds enable us to continue the circle of giving that is truly the heart of our Penny Bear programs, and to support our ongoing missions of sharing love and hope wherever they are needed. Your willingness to financially help in any way will be most appreciated!


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