Letters From Friends

From our mailbox

"...You have been selected as a recipient of the first North Shore Medical Center Foundation Compass Award. ... The Penny Bear Company was nominated for this recognition for its selfless actions to benefit the lives of others. The Award Committee would like to honor the Company's outstanding commitment to providing inspiration, courage and hope to the ill and disadvantaged, while engendering a sense of accomplishment and self-worth in many volunteers and contributors to this effort."

James C. Harris - Foundation Liaison

"What a joy you have brought to so many children that have been guests at our (Vernon Manor) hotel in Cincinnati while they are here to receive treatments, or as they face surgery at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital and Medical Center. …Thank you again for your huggable bears!"

Linda Bailey - Ohio

"…We are very excited to partner together on this project. The bears and books are going to be a great addition to our 'Light a Life' program…and can help so many people of all ages!"

Jackie Dietrick - Hospice Chautauqua County
New York

Penny Bear volunteer Nancy Smith shared a letter she received after donating 40 Penny Bears to Children's Hospital Boston in memory of her daughter, Kelly Smith:

"…The role of Child Life Services is to provide recreational and educational care and therapeutic play to patients and their families while they are in the hospital. The Penny Bears you donated were shared with patients both in the Oncology Unit, as well as several other floors. They truly helped brighten the day of children throughout the hospital…."

Myra D. Fox, Director
Child Life Services
Children's Hospital - Boston, MA

"...As you are intimately aware, the children who attend our program are incredible human beings. Their zest for life is contagious, and their determination to face the daily challenge of their illness in the hope of beating it is simply inspiring... Your love and support are the greatest gifts you could offer our program. Together, we are truly making a positive impact in the lives of critically ill children and their families. The Double H Penny Bear will carry the spirit of the Ranch throughout the year... Thank you again for believing in our mission..."

Max J. Yurenda, Executive Director
Double "H" Hole in the Woods Ranch
Lake Luzerne, NY

"Two days ago, I returned from picking up my 7-year old daughter, Chloe, from her first experience at Camp Double "H". She hasn't let her Penny Bear out of reach since it was given to her!... Over the past two days, Chloe and I have spent a lot of time completing her camp journal that you provided... I treasure the time she and I spend writing and re-living the moments of joy she had. As we pour over the pages, they overflow with the happy memories, warm summer sunshine, and the breathtaking giggles of my Chloe - music to my ears. Her journal is absolutely priceless... You've conveyed the great message of hope and love to some pretty special campers and their families... May God continue to bless you in all that you and your company do, as well as the many people who give of their time and love to make a difference in the lives of others - people like my daughter and me who you've never met. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart"

Heather Conlee - New York

"... As someone who has been a surgeon for over thirty years, I can really appreciate the difficult and very wonderful work that you're doing. It's a priceless gift..."

George L. MacDonald, Jr. M.D. - Massachusetts

"... The bears go to patients, their families, and to survivors identified as needing some extra TLC by our bereavement staff. They are taken out by all our staff - nurses, social workers, chaplains, care aides, and volunteers. They allow us to extend our care a little bit further. Staff members have reported that Penny Bears have brought out smiles, tears, and many hugs. They have been tucked into beds of patients, children and grandchildren, and have attended funerals. They have also sat with survivors and provided a reminder of the special kind of caring we give the entire family."

Good Shepherd Hospice - Florida

"Your wonderful little bears brought smiles to our people who worked for us before the terrible fire. The employees are without jobs, but the little bears worked miracles by bringing a smile and a hug to each family. Thank you for your care and concern. You are doing a wonderful service."

Tom and Sue Largay - Maine

"Thanks to all of you for the Penny Bear. She arrived on a day where I just couldn't seem to find the sunshine. I named her "Miracle"... I felt all the love, warmth and thoughtfulness from your hearts through the bear, and I can't begin to tell you how much this meant to me. I feel so blessed having known you were praying for me. You'll never know how much strength this bear brings me each day..."

Christine Wenzel - Massachusetts

"Hello from the Woodlands Foundation! This is such an exciting project! I know the young people who receive these wonderful Penny Bears will truly enjoy them. The gift of comfort, love and joy you have created through the Penny Bear is so special... many blessings to you and all the "bears" who lend a hand. We are excited to meet each little Penny Bear as they arrive!"

Shannon Jacobs
The Woodlands Foundation

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